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Best Leggings




Trendy and Fashionable: Best leggings for Girls

One of the best products for the women, Your Mind Your World’s multicolor leggings are the best leggings for workouts, meditation, shopping or just chilling out at the home. Light, soft and totally in the vogue, multi-colored and multi-patterned leggings are adorned with the smiley faces and logo of Your Mind Your World. Crafted in line with Your Mind your World’s motto of making fashion as a tool to promote positive and happy vibes, these leggings are considered best leggings by our customers and are immensely loved by them.

  • Available in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large), you will definitely find the size that fits you
  • Crafted with premium quality materials (i.e. cotton and spandex), these are the best leggings as they are soft, flexible and handmade.
  • Team it up with a plain Your Mind Your World T-shirt and it becomes a perfect outfit for yoga, gym or even enjoying a nice weather day
  • You can even wear it to the school and the church if you want 🙂

With the rave scene and EDM music scene becoming more and more focused on enjoying, these best leggings double as EDM outfits and rave gear. You can showcase your personality through the funky yet utterly unique best leggings of Your Mind Your World. These multi-patterned leggings go perfectly with the cool YMYW hat and a peppy t-shirt that is sure to put you and people around you in good mood and positive vibes 🙂

Your Mind Your World’s rave gear includes EDM outfits and rave gears along with light up items like Big Hood Fiber Optic Hoodies, Sexy Fiber Optic Dress, Long Fiber Optic Trench Coat, Light up Men Jacket, Glow In The Dark T-Shirts, Rave Outfits Sweatshirts and much more.

Leggings Size ChartLengthFront RiseBack RiseWaistHalf Of Hip
S88.5 cm20.4 cm25.4 cm62.0 cm35.5 cm
M90.0 cm21.2 cm26.2 cm66.0 cm37.5 cm
L91.5 cm22.0 cm27.0 cm70.0 cm39.5 cm

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