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What to wear to a Rave ?

What to wear to a rave ? Need good rave outfits ideas ? Pretty difficult question one would say. You may be confused to choose the suitable rave wear.  You want to look unique when you are out in the club or on the festival scene? Wear YOUR MIND YOUR WORLD Cool Clothes.

Well, to enjoy your party you have to be a player in this game. You want to feel special, unique and different from the World, being able to express the sensations! Well you’ve come to the right place! Our rave clothing is the best on Today’s market.

Here at YOUR MIND YOUR WORLD we create unique light up accessories so you can look that creative individual that you actually are! Our brand (YOUR MIND YOUR WORLD) specializes in EDM clothing, fiber optic clothing, rave costumes, music festival outfits and other rave gear. Our clothes is very much motivational wear or inspirational wear if you will. Cool clothes for positive mind set, so essential to achieve happiness.


When you enter places where people visit to express their feeling and absorb love from the music and other friends such as  Coachella Music Festival, Ultra Music Festival, TomorrowWorld, Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival,or Dreamstate Festival unique look its a must.  We offer you today unique products that will give the World goosebumps. We are introducing you most exciting clothes like Light Up Hoodie, Light Up T-shirts, Light Up Rave Bra. Our brand YOUR MIND YOUR WORLD, makes you travel in the future and makes you a star in your events and causes not only a curiosity effect in others but also a fine seduction.


what to wear to a rave


Light up clothes? We got light up clothes for you. We will light up your night. You will absolutely love it and everybody will definitely remember it. Our exclusive selection is designed and hand crafted from highest quality materials such as high tech fiber optic fabric and satin. Some of our items are made of more than one mile of fiber optic fiber woven into the fabric. Our products are using rechargeable batteries to save environment and can be operated by wireless remote controller to change between light and modes options. YOUR MIND YOUR WORLD Light up Apparel line includes items like Big Hood Fiber Optic Hoodie, Sexy Fiber Optic Dress, Long Fiber Optic Trench Coat, Light up Mens Jacket, Glow In The Dark T Shirts, Rave Outfits Sweatshirts.

Rave-Bras Corset Tops


Our light up products come with wireless remoter controller for easy control, battery are rechargeable saving environment from pollution, lighting effect last 4 – 6 hours and with extra set of batteries. Are you still thinking what to wear to a rave ? We hope we gave you few valuable tips what to do. Always remember. Enjoy yourself and come back home safely.




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