About Us

Driven by our mission, the YOUR MIND YOUR WORLD mantra is embodied in every fiber optic thread we weave. We believe in the brilliance of self-expression, and our light-up apparel serves as a beacon, connecting wearers from around the globe. With every shimmer and glow of our unique designs. We aim to offer not just a fashion statement, but an experience; one that bridges the gap between the tangible and the ethereal, urging everyone to shine their inner light. Join us in lighting up the world, one garment at a time.


Hello, my name is Martin Kentos and I’ve been graced by an illuminating inspiration to forge something magical. I am both the founder and the visionary behind YOUR MIND YOUR WORLD (YMYW). A groundbreaking and innovative fiber optic fashion brand that is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Embrace the future of fashion by being amongst the first to wear this blend of high-quality, high-tech design fiber optic apparel. Don’t just take my word for it – a simple Google search will reveal what distinguishes YMYW from the rest.


Let me be clear: This creation isn’t your typical or everyday piece of clothing and it’s not intended for everyone. If you don’t resonate with originality, uniqueness, and spectacle, then you may want to pass. Moreover, while this creation is awe-inspiring, it’s not advisable for those navigating financial hardships. Please prioritize your financial well-being; YMYW will still be here when you’re ready to partake. Having clarified that, let’s delve deeper.

The essence of the YOUR MIND YOUR WORLD brand is about transcending conformity and embracing many options. Yes, you can hit the OFF button and blend into the sea of generic brands, but that’s hardly what my designs are about. I’ve created this fashion revolution to empower you to stand out, to allow your persona to shine through an infinite array of styles, light settings, and dynamic modes. 

Transform in a heartbeat from a soothing light blue aura to a blazing spectacle of colors, all rhythmically dancing to the beat of the music. Whether you feel like embodying the elements of air, earth, gold, sky, fire, or perhaps a captivating fusion of them all — the choice and the magic are yours. This isn’t just the next level of fashion; this is the next level of YOU!


But understand this: My goal is not to sell you a piece of clothing, everyone else is already doing that… I’m offering you an immersive experience, an opportunity to be the living, breathing future of fashion. When you walk into any setting, you don’t blend in — you set the tone. You become the light that captures attention, and in doing so, you will be seen. Revel in it and share your unique light with the world.

If my creation stirs your soul and you’re willing to become a part of this illuminating legacy, then I’ve achieved my ultimate professional dream. Share this electrifying vision, and let your soul speak its language, regardless of your age—because a soul knows no age. You are more than a name and a body; you are a radiant vessel through which this extraordinary light can manifest. I appreciate your time and your enthusiasm for what YMYW represents. I’d be honored to know which pieces capture your imagination the most. Thank you.