LED Light Up Hoodie for Men | YMYW Collection | Black


Product Features:


  • Infinite Color Options: With 16 million RGB colors to choose from, our dimmable LED Light Up Hoodie For Men lets you find the perfect hue that matches your mood and style. From vibrant bursts of color to soothing shades, the possibilities are endless.


  • 18 Built-in Color Modes: Express yourself effortlessly with our hoodie’s pre-set color modes. From a pulsating party mode to a calming gradient. You can easily switch between different lighting effects to suit any occasion.


  • Unlimited Customized Presets: Take personalization to a whole new level! Create and save your custom presets to have the ideal combination of colors and patterns that reflect your unique taste.


  • Sound Reactive Technology: Become a living light show as our hoodie reacts to sound and music. Dance the night away as the LED lights sync up with the rhythm, making you the life of the party.


  • Sync up to 7 Items Together: Want to light up the night with your friends? Our LED Light Up Hoodie allows you to synchronize up to 7 items simultaneously. And creating a coordinated light display that will leave everyone amazed.


  • Hand Washable: Despite its advanced technology, keeping your hoodie clean is easy! Simply remove the battery module and hand wash the fabric to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.


  • Exceptional Craftsmanship Meets Premium Quality: At YMYW, we hold quality to the highest standard. Each LED Light Up Hoodie is meticulously designed and constructed by hand using only top-tier materials.

    LED Light Up Hoodie for Men

    Introducing our Fiber Optic Light Up Hoodie For Men, a groundbreaking blend of fashion and technology that not only redefines rave outfits and music festival outfits but also elevates your overall festival wear to new heights.

    Beyond its stylish appeal and role in rave wear, its captivating glow serves as a conversation starter, opening the door to new interactions and potentially introducing you to your next rave family. Ideal for those who want to be the life of the party. This versatile hoodie ensures you’re the center of attention in a myriad of settings, but it doesn’t just stop at raves and festivals.

    For example, its customizable glow can be matched to the distinctive design of the skating shoes, making it a great choice for skaters looking to stand out at the park, or how it brilliantly enhances the dynamic moves of a shuffle dance.

    As dancers move to the rhythm, the hoodie’s glow syncs with the music, creating a captivating light display, further solidifying its position as a multi-faceted garment for any nighttime occasion where standing out is the goal.

    Note: Please see last image for Size Chart.

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